Foodbank Eindhoven

Support by the Food Bank
If you need support by the Food Bank Eindhoven, please use the orange buttons ('Apply/Criteria for a food parcel') on this page.

Who is supported by the Food Bank?
In the Netherlands and also in Eindhoven there are families with very little to spend for daily shopping (food, clothing, shoes, transport etc.). The Food Bank offers support in the form of a free weekly food parcel if certain criteria are met. For example: a family, consisting of 2 adults + 2 children has less than € 4,23 per person per day available for daily expenses. Causes are diverse, e.g.: unemployment, debts, divorce, (chronic) illness, but in most cases a combination of these.
It can happen to anyone …
Although many professional caretakers deal with the problems, it often takes a long time before people are self-reliant again. In the meantime support from the Foodbank is more than welcome. Many cases concern families with (often small) children.

The Food Bank
The Foodbank, an organization entirely run by volunteers, thinks that in a prosperous country like the Netherlands, this is not acceptable and provides emergency-help in a practical way, in the form of a free weekly food parcel. In Eindhoven this concerns 650 families, with about 1400 people in total.
The Foodbank Eindhoven receives the food for free from shops, individuals and collects surplus amounts at production-centers and from distributors. By doing so, they prevent destruction of this totally good food. Also other initiatives provide free amounts of food for the Foodbank like the Stadsakkers, where volunteers grow fresh food for their fellow citizens.

Foodbank Eindhoven (Stichting Voedselbank Eindhoven e.o.) in a nutshell

Postbus 476
5600 AL Eindhoven
tel. +31 06 14980414



IBAN NL16ABNA0490958885

How it works

In the central distribution center the food parcels are prepared to be distributed to the dispense locations in the city. Each week 130 unpaid volunteers are active for the Foodbank.
Condition for receiving a food parcel is a monthly living allowance of maximum:
 - single: € 230
- other family members: € 95 each



To be able to do the job, the Foodbank annually spends about € 100.000 for rent, energy, a truck, two vans, fuel, repairs etc. Half of this amount the Foodbank receives from the municipal government. For the other half the Foodbank is dependant on gifts provided by businesses, institutions and individuals.

Mailing address: Postbus 476, 5600 AL Eindhoven  ·  Visit address: Kanaaldijk-Noord 15-d, 5613 DH Eindhoven
Tel:  (Wed. and Thursday. (10-16 uur) 06-149 80 414  ·  E-mail:  ·  Website:
Bankaccount: NL16ABNA 0490 958 885 -  Voedselbank Eindhoven e.o.  ·  C.o.C.: 17184876  ·  Fiscal status: ANBI
Foundation Board: R.Baken - chairman; I. Hoornweg - secretary; M. Weerts - treasurer · Food-/Fundraising: A. Verschoor, A.Nieweg, C. de Haan

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